The utilization of recycled plastic in the manufacturing of high-quality design products is the starting point of all Durat business operations. The ultimate goal from the very inception has been to reduce the volume of landfilled or incinerated plastic waste. 

Durat gives secondary plastic a new life. The factory uses approximately 30% industrial scrap plastic for manufacturing products that are 100% recyclable. Durat is the only solid surface manufacturer using recycled plastic in its products. 

On our own, we manage the collection of our secondary raw material for ourselves from the industrial plants in our vicinity in Finland and Sweden. We sort and clean the plastic and grind it into granules. We are committed to minimizing the stress on the environment and achieving the climate objectives.  

Our goal is to be carbon-neutral by 2025, when Finland proceeds to regulate the carbon footprint of life cycles within the field of new construction. Along with energy efficiency measures, the regulations will require scrutiny of manufacturing material emissions. In order to achieve this objective, we are reducing our carbon footprint in accordance with standard EN 15978. We are striving for significantly greater efficiency in our energy consumption, for instance, by improving our factory heat insulation and production energy efficiency.

We use hydropower, which is a type of eco-energy certified by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation

We compensate the flights we take with our CO2 Esto-service and strive to replace flying whenever possible, for example, with travel by train. See CEO Heikki Karppinen travelling to Amsterdam. 

Durat is on the Sitra's list of the most interesting companies in the circular economy